IAD SPORENIE is designed for everyone who wants to save e.g. retirement, a better education for your children or just for fun, and thus secure a financial reserve for the future for yourself or your loved ones. IAD SPORENIE offers a choice of 6 investment strategies according to the degree of risk the client is willing to take. The amount of expected return depends not only on selected investment strategy, but also on the saving period and the amount of the regular deposits.

Basic information

Savings information



Basic information

  • Saving period (years): 5 – 40 years
  • Minimum monthly deposit: 20 EUR
  • Periodicity of saving:monthly, quarterly or single deposit
  • Investing strategies:Life-cycle, Real estate strategy, Balanced strategy, Mixed strategy, Growth strategy, PRF Saving
  • Bank details: ČSOB, a. s. s.
  • Bank account of the fund: IBAN: SK92 7500 0000 0002 5515 1943
  • Variable symbol: Birth number/Company ID No.
  • Specific symbol: 20116

Savings information

Investment strategies for IAD SPORENIE

Life-cycle strategy – includes four investment strategies (Growth, Mixed, Balanced, Real Estate) that are applied according to your remaining saving period and the composition of your portfolio is adjusted according to them to achieve returns on your savings.

Real estate strategy – stable returns at low to medium level of investment risk. Mutual funds that invest primarily in real estate and bonds are acquired into the portfolio with a real estate strategy.

Balanced strategy – higher returns at medium to high level of investment risk. The balanced strategy portfolio includes mutual funds investing their assets in bonds, real estate, financial instruments whose underlying assets are shares and bonds and, to a lesser extent, shares.

Mixed strategy – higher returns at medium to higher investment risk. The mixed strategy portfolio includes mutual funds investing their assets primarily in equities, bonds and financial instruments, whose underlying assets are equities, bonds and, to a lesser extent real estate.

Growth strategy – higher returns at a higher degree of investment risk. The portfolio of the growth strategy includes mutual funds investing their assets primarily in equities, to a lesser extent in bonds, financial instruments the underlying of which are shares and bonds. financial instruments the underlying of which are shares and bonds.

PRF Savings – stable returns at low to medium level of investment risk. At PRF Savings, following financial instruments are acquired into the portfolio – units of the First Real Estate Fund, which invests its assets in real estate.

As part of the Investment Strategies for IAD SPORENIE, you invest in financial instruments – mutual fund units managed by IAD. For more information on investment strategies, see the Investment Strategies Offer for IAD SPORENIE.

Starting from 20 EUR per month

With IAD SPORENIE you can save from 20 EUR per month, and you can determine the amount of the deposit by yourself according to your preferences.


  • flexible saving period from 5 to 40 years
  • different saving frequencies
  • up to 6 investment strategies to choose from


Free secure access to IAD ONLINE where you can track your savings progress


20 € 200 000 €
5 Y. 40 Y.

The model example shows the expected return of a regular monthly / one-off deposit with the entry fee taken into account from the amount of deposits for the chosen strategy. The expected return serves only as a model example and the actual development may differ from the given model example.

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Note: When providing IAD Sporenia, the client’s portfolio consists of financial instruments, which are unit certificates of mutual funds managed by IAD Investments, správ. spol., a. with. (hereinafter referred to as “IAD”) and funds intended for the acquisition of financial instruments. The value of the investment in the mutual fund may also decrease and the return on the amount originally invested is not guaranteed. There is also a risk associated with investing in mutual funds. You can get acquainted with the statute, sales prospectus and key information for IAD fund investors in the Slovak language at the IAD headquarters, at points of sale, at the depositary’s headquarters or at www.iad.sk. In accordance with the mutual fund statutes, the share of securities issued by states and international organizations listed in the annex to the statutes of individual mutual funds may exceed 35% of the value of the assets in the fund. The IAD is obliged to pay out the unit certificate of the First Real Estate Fund without delay, but no later than within an extended period of 12 months. Assets in the fund The first real estate fund is invested mainly in real estate, including accessories for the purposes of their management and sale, in ownership interests in real estate companies and in liquid financial assets, the economic nature of which results in close links with the real estate market. This material is a marketing announcement, it is of an informative nature only, it is not a proposal or a call for the conclusion of an IAD SAVINGS contract.