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How to invest

You can invest in our mutual funds through a financial advisor or by yourself. Financial advisors who cooperate with IAD Investments have insight into our products and will be glad to help you choose an ideal investment solution.

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Investment taxes

In the event that the management company pays out the income from the mutual fund’s assets during the calendar year (in accordance with Act No. 203/2011 Coll. On Collective Investment), its payment is taxed at a rate of 19% at source. This means that the shareholder will already receive a net (taxed) income. The provisions of Act no. 595/2003 Coll. on Income Tax, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Income Tax Act”) and the provisions of specific international treaties on the avoidance of double taxation.

The subject of income tax of natural and legal persons is also the income from unit certificates obtained from their payment (return). In the case of yield, i. positive difference between the paid non-taxable amount and the shareholder’s contribution (sale price of the unit certificate at its issue), in the case of resale of unit certificates, the tax is collected by deduction, while the taxpayer is the management company IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s. However, the Management Company will not make a tax deduction if the recipient of the unit redemption income is a mutual fund, securities trader or foreign securities trader holding units on its behalf for its clients within the provision of investment services in the Slovak Republic through its branch or without establishing a branch.

The tax regime of investors who are not tax residents of the Slovak Republic is governed primarily by the provisions of the double taxation agreement concluded between the Slovak Republic and their country of residence. The taxation of income from investing in a mutual fund may vary in connection
with legislative changes in the field of income tax.

Special conditions apply to the taxation of profits from the resale of mutual fund units acquired before 31 December 2003. In the case of these units, it is possible to apply the income tax exemption from the resale of units, but please contact the to a tax advisor.

Disclaimer: IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s. have no responsibility for the incorrect application of the above-mentioned opinions on unit taxation, or for inaccurate or incorrect interpretation of the relevant provisions of the laws relating to unit taxation.

This material is a marketing announcement. Before making any investment decision, review the sales prospectus, articles of association and key investor information document for IAD Investments, reports. spol., a.s. (hereinafter referred to as “IAD”) in the Slovak language at the registered office of IAD, at points of sale, at the registered office of the depositary or at www.iad.sk. For more information, contact your financial intermediary or www.iad.sk.

The value of the investment in the mutual fund may also decrease and the return on the amount originally invested is not guaranteed. There is also a risk associated with investing in mutual funds. In accordance with the mutual fund statutes, the share of securities issued by states and international organizations listed in the annex to the statutes of individual mutual funds may exceed 35% of the value of the fund’s assets, which may reach up to 100%. The IAD is obliged to pay out the unit certificate of the Prvý realitný fond and the Korunový realitný fond without delay, but no later than within an extended period of 12 months. Assets in the fund Prvý realitný fond is invested mainly in real estate, including accessories for the purposes of their management and sale, in ownership interests in real estate companies and in liquid financial assets, the economic nature of which results in close links with the real estate market. Korunový realitný fond has at least 85% of its assets continuously invested in the units of the Prvý realitný fond.