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About us

We are proud of our work and results. They are a challenge for the future. IAD Investments as the oldest Slovak asset management company has provided financial services in Central European countries since 1991. As part of our European operations, we manage assets in Slovakia and Czech Republic with a total value of more than 1 224 453 677 EUR.

We have built a portfolio of strong products and we offer our clients management of investments in mutual funds, saving programs and individual asset management. Our clients are investors from many European countries. We sell financial products through a network of financial agents and we cooperate with major international financial institutions.

We are a member of SASS – Slovenská asociácia správcovských spoločností (Slovak Association of Asset Management Companies), AKAT ČR – Asociace pro kapitálový trh ČR (Association for Capital Market of the Czech Republic) and AOCP – Asociácia obchodníkov s cennými papiermi (Association of Security Dealers). High quality and professionalism of our fund management has earned numerous awards in prestigious financial product competitions, such as Zlatá minca, Fincentrum & Forbes, Top fond Slovakia and World finance investment management awards.

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Company Details


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more than 1 193 853 529 EUR


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Ing. Vladimír Bencz

Ing. Vladimír Bencz

Chairman of the Board

Peter Lukáč, MBA

Peter Lukáč, MBA

Member of the Board

Mgr. Vladimír Bolek

Mgr. Vladimír Bolek

Member of the Board

Ing. Ľuboš Fuzák

Ing. Ľuboš Fuzák

Head of Private banking

Mgr. Marek Adamec

Mgr. Marek Adamec

Head of external distribution

Ing. Lenka Vargová

Ing. Lenka Vargová

Operations director

Mgr. Michal Ďurica, CFA

Mgr. Michal Ďurica, CFA

Portfolio manager

Ing. Róbert Bučič

Ing. Róbert Bučič

Portfolio manager

Roman Vitásek, CFA

Roman Vitásek, CFA

Portfolio manager

Simona Bajerova

Ing. Simona Bajerová

Head of Investment Management department – Backoffice

Rita Markusekova

Ing. Rita Markuseková

Head of Accounting and Finance department

Jana Murkova

Jana Murková

Head of the client center

Supervisory board

Ing. Róbert Bartek

Chairman of the Board

Ing. Vanda Vránska

Chairman of the Board

Ing. Miroslav Vester

Chairman of the Board

Company history

IAD’s Documents

Financial statements

Financial statements

IAD Investments deposited its individual financial statements as of 31. December 2020 in the register pursuant to Act no. 431/2002 Coll. on accounting as amended (§ 23d para. 5).

Year 2020
Financial statements

IAD Investments deposited its individual financial statements as of 31. December 2019 in the register pursuant to Act no. 431/2002 Coll. on accounting as amended (§ 23d para. 5).

Year 2019
Financial statements

IAD Investments deposited its individual financial statements as of 31. December 2018 in the register pursuant to Act no. 431/2002 Coll. on accounting as amended (§ 23d para. 5).

Year 2018
Financial statements

IAD Investments deposited its individual financial statements as of 31. December 2017 in the register pursuant to Act no. 431/2002 Coll. on accounting as amended (§ 23d para. 5).

Year 2017
Financial statements

IAD Investments deposited its individual financial statements as of 31. December 2016 in the register pursuant to Act no. 431/2002 Coll. on accounting as amended (§ 23d para. 5).

Year 2016
Financial statements

IAD Investments deposited its individual financial statements as of 31. December 2015 in the register pursuant to Act no. 431/2002 Coll. on accounting as amended (§ 23d para. 5).

Year 2015
Financial statements Year 2014
Financial statements Year 2013
Financial statements Year 2012

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Frequently asked questions

What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund consists of assets, i.e. securities, funds, bonds and other tangible values. A fund’s assets are owned by investors and their ownership rights are expressed by unit certificates. An unlimited number of people can invest in a mutual fund. Every investor has a share in the fund, by which the investor participates in all the fund’s investments and returns.

A mutual fund does not have legal personality. Its assets are not a part of the asset management company’s assets.

What is a unit certificate?

A unit certificate is a security that expresses the ownership of a share in the fund’s assets.

What happens to my money after I invest it in a fund?

After your invested amount has been credited to the fund’s account, you acquire the fund’s unit certificates. Their number depends on the fund’s exchange rate on the investment execution day. For example, if you invest EUR 100 and the fund’s exchange rate on that day is EUR 0.100000, your investment acquires 1 000 unit certificates of this fund.

How do I determine the current value of my assets in the fund?

The current value of your assets is determined by multiplying the number of unit certificates and the current value of one unit of the fund.

For example: As at 1 September 2016, the current value of one unit of the 1.PF Slnko, o.p.f. mutual fund is EUR 0.036638. You own 10 000 units. The current value of your assets as at 1 September 2016 is 0.036638 x 10 000 = EUR 366.38.

The current unit value can be found on our website – FUND PERFORMANCE. The number of your purchased units can be found in your IAD ONLINE, in an annual shareholder account statement or you can obtain information in person at the IAD Investments Client Centre.

Is my money in the fund fixed for a period of time like a term deposit?

No, a shareholder may redeem unit certificates at any time. Investments are not limited by time in any way. It is good if a shareholder follows our recommended minimum investment horizon.

What is the optimum period of investment in the mutual funds of IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s.?

The recommended investment horizon depends on the investment focus of the particular fund. In principle, the more risky securities in the fund’s portfolio, the longer the recommended investment horizon. A longer investment period reduces potential losses caused by a decrease in the value of securities.

Investment horizons are not fixed and it is up to each investor to choose the investment period. The company cannot prescribe how long investors have to keep their investments in a fund. A mutual fund’s investment horizon is set to deliver the expected return with a specific investment strategy. It is very likely in standard market and economic conditions.

What is a mutual fund’s performance?

A fund’s performance is a percentage change in one unit of the net value of the mutual fund’s assets compared to the previous period. The period is usually 12 months. The appreciation is expressed as a percentage change over the relevant period. A period of one year is abbreviated as p.a. (from Latin per annum – per year).

Can I lose the entire amount invested in a mutual fund?

The distribution of investments in a large number of securities in our funds prevents the risk that the client could lose the entire invested amount. The purpose of investing in mutual funds is professional asset management with the objective to generate the expected return in the recommended time horizon.

How much can I invest in mutual funds?

You can invest any amount in our mutual funds. The only limitation is the minimum initial investment and the minimum subsequent investment. The minimum investment in both cases amounts to EUR 20 and applies to all funds.

Does an investment involve entry fees?

An investment involves an entry fee, which will be deducted from the invested amount. The fee depends on the invested amount and the particular mutual fund.

The information on entry fees is provided in the basic details and in the sales prospectus of each mutual fund.

What should I do to redeem my unit certificates?

You can request to redeem your unit certificates at any time as follows:

  • Send a completed and notarially certified Request for the Payment of Unit Certificates by mail or deliver it in person to the company’s registered office.
  • If you have the PLUS secure access set up in IAD ONLINE, you can complete the Request for the Payment of Unit Certificates online and send it to us in the system.
  • Visit the IAD Investments Client Centre in Bratislava and complete the request with an employee of IAD Investments.

We will send you money for your unit certificates to the specified bank account.

Can I donate unit certificates?

Unit certificates can be donated by executing a donation agreement with officially certified signatures. The original or an officially certified copy of the donation agreement delivered to the registered office of IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s., Malý trh 2/A, 811 08 Bratislava, is a final document enabling the transfer of unit certificates to a donee.

Is it possible to inherit unit certificates?

Yes, inheritance of unit certificates is possible. The Management Company inherits (transfer) of unit certificates to the heir (acquirer) on the basis of the form Notification of change of unit owner – transfer of unit certificates, where the acquirer (heir) of unit certificate requests a change of unit owner and is obliged to attach e.g. a valid order of the competent court in inheritance proceedings, a certificate of the competent notary authorized by the court inheritance, a valid order of the competent court in other related proceedings. If the form is completed without the presence of an authorized IAD Investments employee, the signatures on the form must be officially verified and must be delivered to the IAD Investments headquarters. If the heir is not yet registered as a shareholder in IAD Investments, he must also enclose the completed form Application for shareholder registration and issue of unit certificates.

Yes, the legal act of inheritance of unit certificates must be in writing of the result of the Inheritance Procedure. The original document or an officially certified copy delivered to the registered office of IAD Investments, správ is a valid document for the transfer of unit certificates to the legal heir. spol., a.s., Malý trh 2 / A, 811 08 Bratislava.

Why are the fund prices published on different dates, and why do some of the funds still have the same unit price? It doesn't seem to be updated every day.

We do not set the net asset value of the fund, and thus the price of one unit, for all our funds in the same time interval. For some funds it is daily, for others on a weekly or monthly basis.

Due to the inconsistency of the valuation interval, we update unit prices every business day after 6 pm. In the case of funds that are valued every business day, the value changes every day. For other funds, the last known value is published until the date on which these funds were valued.

For this reason, it may seem outwardly that the unit prices are not updated daily. However, for the sake of clarity, for each fund we state the date for which the unit price was valid.

Are the activities of IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s. subject to control?

Collective investment and activities on the financial markets are subject to a strict legislative framework of the Slovak Republic and European Commission’s directives. Moreover, we are subject to self-regulation of the Slovak Association of Asset Management Companies.

Only an asset management company may manage assets in mutual funds, in strict accordance with Act on Collective Investment No. 203/2011 Coll. The depository, currently ČSOB, a.s., oversees compliance with the legislation. The asset management company must not make any transactions with a fund’s assets without the depository’s consent. The National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) as a government authority for capital market with relevant powers may also control and interfere with the activities of asset management companies.

What if the asset management company goes bankrupt?

Assets in mutual funds are separated from assets of the asset management company. The NBS and the depository oversee the activities of the asset management company to prevent the management of assets that could damage the shareholders.

If the asset management company goes bankrupt, the NBS will appoint a new asset manager to manage its mutual funds.

This material is a marketing announcement. Before making any investment decision, review the sales prospectus, articles of association and key investor information document for IAD Investments, reports. spol., a.s. (hereinafter referred to as “IAD”) in the Slovak language at the registered office of IAD, at points of sale, at the registered office of the depositary or at www.iad.sk. For more information, contact your financial intermediary or www.iad.sk.
The value of the investment in the mutual fund may also decrease and the return on the amount originally invested is not guaranteed. There is also a risk associated with investing in mutual funds. In accordance with the mutual fund statutes, the share of securities issued by states and international organizations listed in the annex to the statutes of individual mutual funds may exceed 35% of the value of the fund’s assets, which may reach up to 100%. The IAD is obliged to pay out the unit certificate of the Prvý realitný fond and the Korunový realitný fond without delay, but no later than within an extended period of 12 months. Assets in the fund Prvý realitný fond is invested mainly in real estate, including accessories for the purposes of their management and sale, in ownership interests in real estate companies and in liquid financial assets, the economic nature of which results in close links with the real estate market. Korunový realitný fond has at least 85% of its assets continuously invested in the units of the Prvý realitný fond.