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Fund´s performance chart (EUR) Price of the share is figured by moving pointer along the curve. For a period of over 1 year, the fund’s performance is shown cumulatively. Past performance does not predict future returns.


Fund performance as at 22. 07. 2024

The performance shown is on the last day of the previous calendar month, with the exception of the value YTD 2024, which is reported as of 22.07.2024.

Past performance is not a predictor of future returns.

Fund name YTD 2024 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year 3 years cumul. / p.a. 5 years cumul. / p.a. Since inception / p.a.

Past performance is not a prerequisite for future earnings.

Past performance is not a prerequisite for future earnings.

Past performance is not a prerequisite for future earnings.

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The calculations do not include sales and other charges. It is not a simulation of the results of any product of IAD Investments. The results calculated by the investment calculator are illustrative and informative only. Please contact your financial agent or the Client Centre of IAD Investments for exact investment terms and conditions. The value of an investment in mutual funds may increase or decrease depending on the situation on the financial markets.

This material is a marketing announcement. Before making any investment decision, review the sales prospectus, articles of association and key investor information document for IAD Investments, reports. spol., a.s. (hereinafter referred to as “IAD”) in the Slovak language at the registered office of IAD, at points of sale, at the registered office of the depositary or at For more information, contact your financial intermediary or

The value of the investment in the mutual fund may also decrease and the return on the amount originally invested is not guaranteed. There is also a risk associated with investing in mutual funds. In accordance with the mutual fund statutes, the share of securities issued by states and international organizations listed in the annex to the statutes of individual mutual funds may exceed 35% of the value of the fund’s assets, which may reach up to 100%. The IAD is obliged to pay out the unit certificate of the Prvý realitný fond and the Korunový realitný fond without delay, but no later than within an extended period of 12 months. Assets in the fund Prvý realitný fond is invested mainly in real estate, including accessories for the purposes of their management and sale, in ownership interests in real estate companies and in liquid financial assets, the economic nature of which results in close links with the real estate market. Korunový realitný fond has at least 85% of its assets continuously invested in the units of the Prvý realitný fond.