The Crown Real Estate Fund received the Top Fond Slovakia 2020 award

On the occasion of the annual press conference of the Slovak Association of Management Companies, the announcement of results and presentation of the Top Fund Slovakia 2020 award took place on 24 February 2021.

Thanks to the cooperation between the MAFRA Slovakia publishing house and the Slovak Association of Management Companies (SASS), the Top Fond Slovakia award was created. The Slovak Association of Management Companies currently unites 22 companies in the field of collective investment and the awarded funds were selected from 633 mutual and investment funds offered on the Slovak market.

The Top Fond Slovakia award is given annually to the funds according to the volume of sales and according to the combination of performance and risk-weighted performance in six categories of fund asset classes. The Top Fond Slovakia award went to our mutual fund IAD – Crown Real Estate Fund in the category – Fund with the best return and risk in the category of real estate funds and alternative investment funds.

Korunový realitný fond is a balanced fund intended for investors with a balanced attitude to risk who are interested in a steady, even growth of their investment. The fund belongs to the category of special growth real estate mutual funds and offers the opportunity to participate in steady returns associated with the lease of real estate and growth in their value. At least 85% of the fund’s assets are continuously invested in the unit certificates of First real estate fund, o.p.f.(the main fund).

Our mutual funds regularly receive the Top Fond Slovakia awards.

The oldest Slovak management company, IAD Investments, správ. spol. a.s. has been operating on the Slovak capital market since 1991. As part of its European operations, IAD Investments manages assets mainly in Slovakia and the Czech Republic with a total value of more than EUR 1,120,322,681. For 30 years, it has been offering investors and clients investment management in mutual funds, savings programs and individual asset management. The product range consists of 14 mutual funds with various investment strategies, of which 11 are standard, 2 are special real estate funds and 1 is a special fund for professional investors. There is also a savings program and individual asset management, which represents a comprehensive management of the client’s funds through the investment portfolio management service.

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