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How to care for the skin not only at the face mask time

You should take care of your skin every morning and evening, and not just at the present time when the skin is stressed by wearing veils. Friction caused by a drape or respirator can put a lot of strain on the skin and the areas it touches, such as the cheeks, nose, chin, are particularly stressed. With regular care, you can literally work wonders with skin experts. The skin renewal process takes about 35 days. Only after this time can the first results be seen or felt. In any case, I’m taking care of my skin, it’s like investing – don’t expect miracles from evening to morning, but you’ll be rewarded with long-term care.

Cleansing the skin every day? Yes, but gently and gently!

Skin cleansing is a basic care task, not only if you wear makeup. The skin must be cleaned regularly, preferably in the evening with a double cleansing, and in the morning it will suffice once, but with suitable cleansers designed for your skin type! Appropriate means – clean well and at the same time do not damage the protective lipid sheath too much. This also applies to dry or oily skin, while it is not enough to rinse the skin only with water, or shower gel, which you also take a shower with – this is the most common mistake. Thorough and gentle cleaning is very, very important! Not only do you rid the skin of dirt from dust, sweat, sebum, or SPF from the products you applied in the morning, but you also prepare the skin to apply the products in the next steps, which the skin can then absorb better. Did you know that ordinary water dries the skin? Human skin has a pH value of 5.5, which means that it is acidic and natural acidity helps it protect itself from bacteria and viruses.

The best and most gentle is double cleaning. In the evening, first remove the make-up, make-up and other fat-based impurities with an oil-based product. This is for a simple reason, our skin contains fat-soluble and water-soluble impurities. The oil-based product makes it easier to bind greasy impurities, but don’t worry, the oily feeling will not stay on your skin. Today’s many skin oils can be easily washed away by turning them into a milk emulsion after contact with water, so the greasy feeling is gone immediately. The catch is that you have to choose the right one, the so-called hydrophilic oil. Make-up remover is really suitable for every skin type. The most clogged pores are fat-based impurities, many times just those who have oily skin and have undergone oil make-up have stopped complaining about excessive skin oiling. Why? Because if you use a make-up remover that degreases the skin too much, our body will be very wisely preserved. The sebaceous and sweat glands are controlled autonomously (that is, we cannot control them), so the brain sends a signal that there is too little and you have degreased a lot somewhere and immediately tries to get it, because our body has to protect us from external influences and form a protective lipid mantle. This creates a vicious circle where you need to find a balance so that your skin microbiome is as optimal as the intestinal microflora in the gut. Even good and bad bacteria live on the skin, which must live in harmony, only then is our skin healthy.

The second evening make-up remover should be gentle, hydrating, nourishing and which will also help us even out the pH of the skin. We can use this make-up remover the same as in the morning routine. With the right products, we do not feel the feeling of drying and tightening of the skin and your follow-up care (serum, cream), which you have sometimes given even considerable sums of money, will be effective. Everyone enjoys a different way of make-up removal, which is natural, but it is especially important that your skin is not too dry after make-up removal and at the same time it is thoroughly cleansed.

And what about the “micellars”?

They are great if you can use them properly. They also effectively and quickly remove waterproof mascara, so if you use strong make-up, this is the fastest way to perfectly remove skin. How do they actually work? There are special molecules in the aqueous solution, the so-called micelles that clump together into spherical formations. The top of this molecule is hydrophilic (it likes water) and inside the core it is lipophilic (it likes fats). After applying micellar water to a swab (a cotton swab must be used), the hydrophilic part of the molecules binds to it and since the impurities on our skin are mostly lipophilic in nature, the opposite lipophilic part of the molecule attracts our impurities on the skin like a magnet.

And what if I’m not home?

During travel, skin cleansing with disposable make-up wipes can also be accepted, e.g. where water is not available, but you need to treat your skin gently and gently, not rub it excessively, so you’d better get thumbnails of the travel packages of your favorite products. An even greener solution is to buy thumbnails of empty bottles, where you can pour your products regularly during each holiday.

What next after cleansing the skin?

After thorough cleansing of the skin, your skin can absorb all the active substances that you give it in the form of serums and creams. Choose products suitable for your skin type so that they are not too oily and do not clog pores. Apply them on damp skin, then they are better absorbed and the skin takes more active substances. You can also be the first to use a refreshing lotion that will pleasantly refresh the skin and prepare it for the application of other products. Then let the skin rest for at least 10 minutes until you put a veil on it so that all the substances have time to be absorbed and not rubbed against it. A clean drape is a matter of course, especially for those who have sensitive skin. You can add something extra to your skin, a moisturizing and soothing face mask twice a week.

Treat your skin to wellness as well

After a demanding period at work or in your personal life, you like to take a break. When choosing a hotel, many of you definitely prefer one where, in addition to standard services, there is also a wellness, swimming pool and possibly massages available. But as you give yourself a break, give it to your skin and choose a hotel where they can take good care of it. One of them is the Wellness Hotel Patince, which has a team of highly trained beauticians who will take care of the well-being and beauty of you and your skin. In the offer you will find a wide selection of cosmetics from the MARY COHR brand without genetically modified ingredients, parabens and chemical filters for the treatment of the skin and the whole body, as well as various facial and body treatment programs.

So don’t forget, you need to take care of yourself and your skin regularly.

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