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Do you know how to use sauna properly?


Today, sauna is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. You can take care of it at any time of the year and it is also a great way to strengthen immunity. We asked Mr. Mgr. Martin Slivka, PhD., Sales director of WELLNESS HOTEL PATINCE ****.

How often do you need to take a sauna to be healthy?

The sauna world provides customers with regeneration of the body and body. The hot air in the sauna causes sweating and excretion of harmful substances, opens the pores of the skin, improves its blood circulation, elasticity and appearance. It speeds up metabolism, has an anti-inflammatory bactericidal effect and kills mites that live on the human body. The sauna also helps against various allergies, eczema, yeast and fungal infections, acne and skin diseases. It has proven healing effects on asthma, inflammation and respiratory allergies and has a calming and relaxing effect.

Each of us suits a different type of sauna. What types of saunas can your guests use and what is the difference between them?

At the Wellness Hotel Patince, visitors can choose from a range of four saunas: Swedish, Finnish, steam or herbal.

Swedish sauna

The operation of the Swedish sauna is based on high temperature and low humidity. The temperature here reaches up to 100 ° C, but the humidity is still low. During your stay in the sauna, your heart rate and metabolic function increase. Just a few minutes in the sauna perfectly replaces the workout.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna works on the principle of heat and humidity balance. Unlike the Swedish sauna, staying in it is less demanding on the body. The air temperature is between 75 – 80 ° C, but at the same time the humidity is maintained up to 80%. In the Finnish sauna, the air has a higher conductivity due to humidity, which means better heat transfer to the skin.

Steam sauna

The temperature in the steam sauna usually does not exceed 60 ° C. However, thanks to 100% humidity, you will definitely not feel the lower temperature. Even if you are a beginner in sauna, this sauna will definitely suit you. Thanks to the lower temperature, it can also be enjoyed by people who cannot go to a regular sauna for health reasons. The steam sauna is a great helper for patients with respiratory diseases, asthma or bronchitis. Thanks to the steam, the pores on the skin open and you get rid of toxins and unwanted substances. The steam sauna helps with dermatological diseases, you get rid of cellulite, you start the metabolism and the immune system.

Herbal sauna

The herbal sauna is even more gentle on the human body, because at the same temperature as in the steam, the humidity in this sauna does not exceed 50%. Thanks to the essential oils that are added during the sauna, the sauna also has therapeutic properties. The advantage over other types of sauna is that you can wake up in it for up to 40 minutes thanks to the lower temperature.

Are there “unwritten” rules when saunaing that we should always follow? What about entering the sauna in a swimsuit?

Do not use the sauna on a full or empty stomach. Never drink alcohol before entering the sauna. Wear goggles, jewelry, watches or contact lenses before entering the sauna. The sauna is not entered in a swimsuit! Before the first sauna, wash your body thoroughly with water and shower gel.

During your stay in the sauna world, wear slippers. Not only for hygienic reasons, you also prevent uncontrolled slips. Towels or sheets are useful for maintaining hygiene. Remember, always sit on a towel / sheet in the sauna and place your feet on it. Enter the sauna naked or covered in a tarpaulin.

You should stay naked in the sauna – clothing prevents the sweat from evaporating. If possible, lie down, because then the whole body is exposed to the same temperature. You should spend up to 15 minutes in the sauna during one phase, but the most important thing is your comfort. If you are a beginner in sauna, sit / lie down on the lowest bench in the sauna.

After the sauna, you need to cool your body. Start by showering parts of the body that are further away from the heart, e.g. right foot. Then direct the stream of water at the left leg, shoulders and finally the rest of the body. After the shower, you can additionally use the cooling pool.

To achieve the highest possible effect, experts recommend repeating the sauna and subsequent cooling 2-3 times. If you manage to go through the whole process correctly and with feeling, you should feel comfortable, relaxed and tired.

Is a drinking regime important when saunaing?

It is a necessary step in the sauna cycle. You will lose up to ½ liters of water from your body during the whole sauna. This loss can best be supplemented with mineral water.


When do you definitely not recommend visiting the sauna?

Despite all the positives, the fact remains that the body gets caught in the sauna. If you have a weakened immunity, flu, fever, or simply feel that something is creeping up on you, you should rather skip the sauna. Of course, other important factors: acute diseases, pressure problems, inflammation and infections, tumors and skin defects, communicable diseases, fevers, heart and vascular diseases … If the client has an acute illness, resp. If you are being treated, then before visiting any hotel or wellness, it is important to consult with your doctor about the appropriateness of staying in the sauna. At the same time, each operation must have operating rules where you can see exactly the contraindications.

Do you have any tips for us on how we can spend time in the sauna?

The recommended sauna time is 15 – 20 minutes. However, if you feel uncomfortable, you’d better leave sooner. To achieve the highest possible effect, experts recommend repeating the sauna and subsequent cooling 2-3 times. If you manage to go through the whole process correctly and with feeling, you should feel comfortable, relaxed and tired.

Sauna is a relatively lengthy process that can take 1.5 – 2 hours. Therefore, set aside enough time.

Is the sauna also suitable for children? If so, from what age?

Debatable topic. It is advisable to start going to the sauna with the child at the age of about three. At this age, the child should be able to express his or her needs and should not use diapers. In our region, sauna with newborns is not a common thing, such as. in the Nordic countries, where sauna has a history. Opinions on the minimum age also vary. Doctors say that the minimum age for a sauna is half a year. Of course, it is important to take the baby’s health back into account. Parents must find out before the joint sauna whether the wellness center allows children to sauna, and if so, from what age.

Who will the sauna help?

The sauna clearly has a positive effect on your health. Patients with psoriasis often confirm relief from itching. But be careful with atopic dermatitis. Sweating can irritate your skin and do more harm than good. Patients with asthma and other respiratory problems also experienced improvement. If you are tired after a hard week, the sauna will release tension in your body and flush out toxins and impurities from your body. This will make you feel reborn.

When visiting the Wellness Hotel Patince, don’t forget to visit the sauna world in addition to the pool world. You can relax and relax your whole body. In addition, when you purchase stay packages, you get unlimited access to the pool and sauna world.


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